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By Mark Salamon, January 1, 2020

As a proud, card-carrying member of the male gender, I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately by scientific studies showing that women are better than men at, basically, everything. So I was beyond excited to read a new study in the British Medical Journal showing that men are actually better at something, namely having the flu. 

According to Dr. Kyle Sue, clinical assistant professor in family medicine at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and lead author of the study, there are biological differences that cause men to “suffer total collapse in the face of influenza or the common cold.” Using “evolutionary theory, epidemiology and research at the junction of immunology and endocrinology,” Dr. Sue showed conclusively that men are much better than women at being total wussies when they get sick.

So let’s review the scorecard. Recent research has shown that women are better doctors, better drivers, better at job interviews, have greater brain activity in more areas of the brain, and have higher IQ scores. Men are better at having the flu and football. So that’s about even. I don’t think any further research is necessary.

To be fair, I think I should mention that this flu study was done for the annual Christmas Edition of the British Medical Journal, which is “known for research articles which apply a serious academic approach to investigating less serious medical questions. The results are often humorous and and widely reported by the mainstream media.” Add this to the list of reasons why I want to move to the UK.

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