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you have come to the right place.  Before I became a physical therapist I was a mechanical engineer, so it has always come naturally to me to look at the human body as a mechanical system of levers and pulleys. But the human body is a living machine, and is much more complicated than nonliving machines which don't have to contend with things like inflammation and hormones.  Nonliving machines are not affected by emotions like anxiety or jealousy, the only known exception to this being my first GPS that intentionally, on several occasions, tried to kill my wife.  (I finally had to break off the relationship) (with the GPS I mean)

So my specialty is teaching you how to understand the machine and how all of its parts work together. Not just the "nuts and bolts" parts like tendons and ligaments, but also the more complex parts that you will not find in a man-made machine.

My explanations are straightforward, logical, and in plain English. I have heard the following from thousands of patients: "That makes total sense, why didn't anyone explain that to me before?"


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